We are pleased to share the operating results of 2018 with you. In what continues to be challenging economic times Repsol Sport Centre is celebrating another extraordinary year.


While there are many things to celebrate, we are most proud of the results of our employee survey, where 90% of staff said Repsol Sport Centre is a great place to work. Grouping together great facilities, great equipment and a great location with a team of people that bring the Centre to life has proven to be a winning formula!


Also of note is the $1.6M capital investment in building infrastructure, sport and program equipment. These investments ensure the Centre continues to position itself as a world class facility to Train, Compete and Play.


The Board of Governors and Senior Leadership team continue to advance the Legacy Expansion and Enhancement project, with effort placed on fundraising, stakeholder relations and understanding the Development Permit process.


In closing, we would like to acknowledge our partners who share our Passion for Sport – and People, including The City of Calgary, Repsol, 11 Umbrella Sport Organizations, 3 Community Associations, The Public and Separate Boards of Education, and of course the tens of thousands of customers that call RSC home.

Scott MacDonald                                       Jeff Booke

LPSS Board Chair                                                  CEO, Repsol Sport Centre



Passionate about sport – and people since 1983. 2018 marked 35 years since the facility first opened for the Western Canada Summer Games. The keys, officially handed over later that year and the facility would open with the directive to provide training and competition facilities for the development of high performance athletes while also supporting the fitness needs of the citizens of Calgary.

Since then, the tent has become an iconic structure in Calgary and though the name may have changed a couple times, the mission remains the same. The 35th year was no different. We saw record numbers take advantage of our 1983 admission pricing offered on select days throughout the year and we created special promotions with our key partners, which created tons of opportunities for many new Calgarian’s to experience and visit our facility, some for the first time.   


Loyalty was top of mind as we expanded our Member benefit offerings with the launch of a new, best in the city, referral program, a Member Spotlight program and many special activations throughout the year including fitness challenges, contests and more.

Sport took centre stage with the twinning of the Dive Towers and attracting the international FINA Dive Competition. It was amazing to see teams come to our facility from all over the world to compete and even more exciting to see many Canadians on the podium.  The 5th Annual 10 Mile Tri event continues to be popular with record numbers in this anniversary year. There were seasoned racers but also many experiencing triathlon for the very first time in this one of a kind indoor race experience.


35 years of history and progress would not be possible without the dedication of over 250 employees who strive to deliver a world-class experience to every visitor. Our employees are a fun, hardworking and enthusiastic group of individuals that bring their passion to improving the lives of people around them every day.

That gets us to the heart of this year’s Annual Report. It’s a celebration! A celebration of continued partnerships, sport performance, and exceptional service delivery to our growing and evolving customer base of Members, Sport Partners and guests.  You’ll read how we continued to innovate with a focus on three core performance objectives: Keep it Clean, Play to our Strengths and Connections.  These simple yet powerful tools extend our Legendary Service and helps build our community preparing us for the next 35 years. 











Board of Governors 2018 - 2019 

Established in 1983 following the Western Canada Summer Games, the Lindsay Park Sports Society (LPSS) was formed with a commitment to enhance the overall well-being of Calgarians through training, competition and play. The LPSS is a non-profit society that expertly manages Repsol Sport Centre on behalf of the people of Calgary. 


  • CHAIR: Scott MacDonald 

  • VICE CHAIR: Andrew Wallace 

  • TREASURER: Michael Devonshire 

  • DEPUTY TREASURER: David Newby 

  • SECRETARY: Alexis Teasdale 

  • PAST CHAIR: Vacant 


  • Kari Becker 

  • Michael Devonshire 

  • Scott MacDonald 

  • Bradley Squibb 

  • Greg Steinraths 

  • Alexis Teasdale 

  • Andrew Wallace 

  • Cari Din 

  • Georgette McGrath-Jukic 

  • David Newby 

  • Melanie Leitch