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  • Dive Tower Project:  10m platform expansion for twinning Dive Towers, attracting international FINA Dive Competition May
    2018 & 2019

  • Facility Brand Painting: Walk of Wellness, Track columns,
    Member Lounge, Upper Fitness Centre, pool deck and lower level staircase to Strength & Balance Studio.

  • Digital Display Board: new ViviLed score clock for competition pool event use and display for promotional slides

  • Learning Room: new floors, paint, and refurbish chairs

  • High Performance Studio:  wall extension, paint
    (more to come in 2019)

  • Gyms 1,2,3:  sand and re-coat

  • LED lighting: various activity spaces and offices

  • Assorted operational upgrades:

    • boiler study

    • hot water heat exchangers

    • facility tile repairs

    • sliding doors upgrades with air-cushions

    • plumbing and pipe replacements

    • new plexiglass for concourse railings

    • sand filters for training pool, hot & cold tubs

    • lane rope disc replacements

    • improved pool storage areas for public equipment

    • chlorine room electrical renovations

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